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money is not the root of all evil…

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2009 at 5:12 pm

…bad communication is. Money is a tool, like soap and water, like hammers and nails. It makes things possible, it makes trade easier over distance. It’s a clumsy tool, an awkward tool. Better are gifts, which move smoothly, which require nothing, which lift the giver’s spirit. But when we are not in a place to give, money helps keep things even.

It scares people, this money thing. It scares people by its absence, by its mercurial habits, by its seeming vindictiveness, but it’s not the money that is vindictive, it is people who have forgotten the root of their pleasure, who think that pleasure can be bought and sold. When we remember that money is a tool, not bad or good by its nature but made powerful and wonderful by its possibilities, we retrieve our hearts from the deep wells of uncertainty and fear. We have got to get over it.

We have to get to a place where we are unafraid to say what we need: in life, in relationship, in love, and in finance. We have to get to a place where there is no virtue in starvation, caused or received, there is only virtue in feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked–whether hungry in spirit or in body, whether feeding in comfort or in cans of tuna fish. We have got to get to a place where we don’t shame people for saying they are in need, where we know that if we have something, we have it to give.

This is deep work of the spirit. This will transform the world.


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