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pleasure driven

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2009 at 5:03 pm

Let’s face it, people are here for pleasure. If you want to get a person motivated, give them a reward at the end of the day: safety, health, hope, joy, an orgasm. That’s not self-indulgent, that’s sensible; that’s logical. We move toward what we love as much as we move away from what injures. And when people are in a place of deep pleasure, they become sweet, they become expansive, they become generous…and then anything is possible.

The trick for pleasure is to realize that immediate gratification is not the same thing. What we really live for is something deeper, something more complex, something connected to the ways that we are received by the people and environments with which we interact. For most people, true pleasure is not achievable at someone else’s expense. And so we enter the tricky waters, navigating between our perceived needs and those of others. If we live from a deep place of love and connection with one another then it becomes clear over time, and then crystal clear, that our needs are not at odds, that my pleasure is your pleasure, and our pleasure is the pleasure of the world. War is not pleasure; torture is not pleasure; hunger and homelessness are not pleasure, although they may be caused by someone else’s immediate gratification. When we seek our own deep pleasure, we really do work for the good of the whole.


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