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fresh start

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2009 at 6:38 am

it’s been a heck of a summer. Incessant rain followed by record heat has meant lackluster gardens (unless we were raising slugs) and a feeling of perpetual tired. With the economy still unrecovered and health care reform struggling and the weather unpredictable, It’d be easy right now to believe that the fall and winter are going to suck. It’d be easy to believe that the rest of the year, all the way until the next harvest, are going to be a disaster.

And if we believe that, we’ve already done it. If we believe that, we’ve sealed the deal. And that’s a level of foolishness I hope none of us are willing to engage in. We do it all the time: with money, with relationships, with anything for which we give away our power. Oh well, we say, that’s done. Oh well, it’s over. Might as well throw in the towel.

Will produce be a little more scarce? Maybe, but I know someone who’s been putting up beans and jams for weeks already. Will money be a little tight? Possibly, but housing prices have stopped falling. Will we have hope? That, friends, is entirely up to us. Entirely. If circumstances drive reality, they–and we–are caught in an endless and deadly feedback loop. The only counterpoint available is our awareness that it doesn’t always need to be the way it’s always been and our willingness to act on that knowledge. Our children know this well.

Look at the children who are going back to school. Look at the new notebooks and pencils (they still use those sometimes, right?); look at the sneakers and backpacks stuffed with feet and books. What we have is the endless hope of the fresh start, of the new beginning. What we have are the seeds of this year, different by definition from all other years.

What we have is now.

All we have is now.

Let us begin.


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