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making money matter

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2009 at 6:35 am

Money always matters, right? You have too much, you have too little, you know someone who can’t make rent, the person down the street is rolling in it…

but when does it really matter? A number of years ago a dear friend won a $10,000 award. He was in graduate school at the time; it made an enormous difference to him, much bigger than it might have made to a number of other entrants who were working. And then there’s the dollar that buys the metro ticket that gets the kid to the job which is his big break; the three dollars at the food shelter that feeds the family of four; the three thousand dollar challenge grant that shows the person in the fundraising bike ride that they are capable of generating generosity in others not just that once but many times over, or the twelve hundred dollar gift from one friend to another that simply shows up as generosity and friendship and blows open their scarcity world…or the day you finally decide that you’re going to start saving for retirement because you deserve it.

What matters with money is its power as an agent of life, as a means of transferring substance from person to person. It makes-possible. In and of itself it is nothing; it matters because of what it represents. And if it represents fear and anger and pain, it will carry fear and anger and pain, and if we are healthy we will reject it. When it represents possibility and joy and positive transformation; when what we do with our money lines up with our values, then there’s no problem with having it; there’s no judgment about seeking it. When it all lines up, there’s not a good reason in the world why we shouldn’t have it all.

The freedom to seek it without believing we are taking on greed or anger or fear is the difference between money-bad and money-good.

Which would you rather have?


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