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old and new

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2009 at 6:41 am

I love old farmhouses. I even love the things you’re not supposed to love about them: floors that have never seen a level, corners that are anything but square, additions and subtractions and unexpected cubbies.


And I love a lot of new Maine construction. The houses built recently are often built to make the woods come indoors, to bring the ocean into the living room. They have almost no wall space for paintings and pictures, because the art outside is so stunning.

What makes the difference? Why has construction changed so much? Glass is easier to get in large quantities, certainly, but so is electric light. What matters is what we haven’t got. We now understand that woods don’t go on forever, that forests have edges, that resources come to an end.

What else do we value only because it is rare, or disappearing?

  1. First thought to me on the bulk of this were memories of my Grandpa’s farm house. Loved the nooks and crannies.

    What else I value because it’s rare and disappearing? Personally? Movement. I read this quote somewhere, that said to be in motion is life. I have .less. tough days on treatment, but the seasons changing causes a struggle for my body. It comes with some blessings though. More so then ever you realize that you only have just so long to .really. live, and after the major spasms of grief pass, you are able to experience all the simple little, amazing things in life, that you took for granted before. It changes everything.

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