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practice practice

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2009 at 6:25 am

Everything we do is practice. It’s repetition, rehearsal, and real life all in one messy package. Which might perhaps make us a little more careful about what we do. I mean, do you want to practice worrying? Do you want to practice stress? Or pain? Or victimhood?

Do you want to recreate that awful day? How many times? You lived it once, wasn’t that enough?

Our brains have this habit of hanging onto the hard stuff, but we can choose otherwise. Some would argue that it’s avoidance, and sure, it can be. But at some point we’re done. At some point we’re finished. At some point the self-flagellation and horror reenactment can end and the moving-on can begin, and at that point, it’s time to stop practicing feeling miserable and start practicing something else.

Sometimes that kind of moving on involves cauterizing something; sometimes it involves healing; sometimes it involves both.

But there comes a time where we have to choose what we want, choose where we’re going, and set our gaze on the horizon and not on the torn up ground at our feet. Even the clumps of shredded sod will give way to poppies, but we don’t have to wait for beauty. The pain might be familiar, but keep walking, keep swimming, and it will be before us.

And that’s a skill worth practicing.


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