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forget mindful eating

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2009 at 6:27 am

Forget mindful eating. Forget measured portions. Instead, make love to your food. Taste every morsel not because it’s right but because it pleases you; savor every mouthful, rejoice in every bite. Be glad of your lips and teeth and tongue and throat that wrap themselves around this stuff that nourishes your body and feeds your spirit, that carries your grandmother’s, father’s, mother’s, your own love down from their hands, from your hands to your sinews and bones, to the very stuff that is life, that brings you from theory into practice, from that world into this. Forget mindful eating, forget detachment, forget, just forget and pour yourself into the vastness of smell and this most basic most real, most everything in the world does it, most everything eats and is eventually eaten, swallowed by the dust and dirt of the world, swallowed by the hope and sustenance of a dream, swallowed by possibility swallowed by fear swallowed by real life, every moment, every instant–
Forget mindful eating.
Swallow the world.


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