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In Uncategorized on September 14, 2009 at 7:50 pm

My house is tiny. Small even by Maine standards, at just under 1100 square feet, everything MUST have its place.

So far, it doesn’t. I’ve been there for a while now, and there’s still a sense of crowded chaos, or at best a sense of everything-crammed-in. Not working so well for the calm and spacious brain. First instinct: build more space.

But on further reflection…how much space can I possibly need? In India entire families of four live happily in one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, and one kitchen, with a couple of tiny balconies. There’s no way I don’t have enough space. So if I have it, how to find it?

1) clear the clutter. There’s lots of clutter in my house: stuff I don’t need, stuff I don’t need or want, stuff I don’t enjoy, stuff I can’t possibly use. Out! All of it, out!

2) Think it through. What do I really use? What clothes, what electronics, what kitchen gadgets are gathering dust? What would someone I know love more or use more?

3) Sit in unusual places. Gilligham-Ryan’s book Apartment Therapy recommends this one: sit somewhere you NEVER sit, like in front of your oven on the floor or under your clothes bar or on your nightstand. Evaluate your room from there. What do you notice? What fits? What makes no sense? Perspective matters.

4) Have a friend over. Throw a party. See what guests would see.

5) Have a stranger over. See what you think they’ll think. Repeat.

6) Think outside the box. Way outside. One condo owner turned his dining room into a sitting room and moved the dining area to a nook next to the stairs. Ask yourself what you’d do in your house if you could do anything at all. Believe you can do it. KNOW you can do it. Then make it happen.

Begin anywhere, and move from there.

And if your house can be so different, what about your life?


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