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we can, we can

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2009 at 6:08 am

This is an ad.

Ordinarily I don’t post ads, but it’s a clever ad; it only has advertising at the end. Ads like this go viral, and they do so for a reason. They have a message people want to share.

I have been writing for a while about this idea that the economy is in our hands. I wrote to my congresspeople about how universal health insurance makes a difference in Canada by opening up the world of entrepreneurial work to people who need health care. I wrote a column and a sermon about how we can stop feeling like victims and start changing the economic reality if we ever pay anyone to do something for us. It’s buying local made really local. And in the end, it’s about empowerment, which is why I love coaching so much.

Being coached is about knowing what you want and finding faster and more effective ways to get there under your own steam. Coaching is the fabulously rewarding work of guiding people through that process so they live lives they love.

And the hidden gem at the heart of it all is that when people find their life purpose they almost always end up making the world a better place. With a little self-focus people find the emotional space and energy to look outward.

We can, we can.
This means you.
What will you do?

  1. Hi, Leela. I know you haven’t had a chance yet to read the first chapter of my book, but when you do you’ll find that I credit you with changing my perspective away from “finding my purpose” to finding a calling instead. This was a huge benefit to me, because I had previously thought I had found “my purpose” and failed at it, and that was not a constructive attitude to have toward my career.

    I know that inspiration is important. I know that the 1% to 10% of people who succeed at exactly one thing in their lives are unlikely to try if they’re not inspired, and that’s the target audience of the ad above. But 50% of new businesses fail in their first year. If those of us who start those businesses think that was our purpose in life, then we define ourselves as failures. If instead we feel that we are called to start those businesses, and they fail, well, no sweat, there will be another calling around the corner.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I hope you’ll consider whether “a purpose in life” is really the concept you want to promote, or whether “a calling” fits better. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Ben,

    I have actually read the chapter, and I think I commented, too. With all due respect I’m not sure I ever really grasped the distinction you made between the two. My sense is that a calling feels more mysterious, more accidental, more like it has to clock me over the head and less like I can go find it. I don’t think one’s purpose is an immutable single thing-to-do; my sense of purpose is so broad that no one venture can make it a success or failure.

    …my own call (which is more complicated than it sounds in your piece, although that’s fine) did indeed whack me over the head, but there’s been a lot of deliberate discovery that’s gone into my process, especially of late. The things-to-do all are ways of manifesting my purpose…which in turn could change.

    But as you know, I’m a minister, and I’m accustomed to the language dance. If “calling” more truly reflects what would make it meaningful for you, then go ahead and use what works, whatever that is.

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