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In Uncategorized on September 26, 2009 at 8:09 pm

A coach friend of mine is a dancer who has stepped into coaching as an additional career. Ailey trained and now Ailey faculty, he has an astonishing CV. The way that he moves, inhabits his body, takes leaps of faith is inspiring and engaging and fun in a way that is invitational, not exclusionary. In his teaching he works to take dancers from good technique to good art, and I can only imagine how good he must be in the studio.

There’s a quality of dance that’s about stepping more deeply into the flesh, into the movement, stretching one’s self all the way to the ends of every finger and every toe. And when in coaching we talk about dancing in the moment, it’s that kind of soul-deep occupation of the self we’re aiming for. We coaches dance in the moment with our clients, moving as seamlessly as possible from one topic and direction to the next, linking techniques and ideas so the session flows smoothly. But when I coach I also hope that my clients are learning the dance, learning contact improvisation with their own lives, learning that trapped means you just haven’t found the door.

A workshop leader once said to me, “two choices is not a choice.” If it’s either-or, then you’re still backed into a corner. Keep looking, keep moving, keep dancing.

There is always another way.

And when you find that space where thinking is no longer required, where the next move flows naturally from the one before, when you know your stuff well enough to forget you know it, you’ve arrived at the place where you can take pleasure in your art as well as your skill. It could be sex, it could be budgeting, it could be community organizing. There’s a moment where you don’t even notice you’re working, but you can see its goodness when you stop.

It’s a place of pure pleasure in motion.

Where in your life is your dance evolving? What would you do if you could not fail?


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