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what habits do you love?

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2009 at 6:00 am

My life is changing a lot right now. A whole lot. And when the routines get smashed, usually it opens up whole new sets of possibilities.

Mostly we humans tend to complain about our bad habits: we stay up too late, we smoke, we eat too much, we interrupt each other, we leave dirty socks on the floor, whatever. But we have good habits, too, and often we don’t take the time to witness them, to celebrate them, even though they are the structures that make our lives smooth.

A friend of mine in Minneapolis used to work a regular kind of job, but instead of waking each day and rushing off to work, she would get up four hours early, make a pot of tea in a handmade teapot, and write. She adjusted her work schedule so that her best, most rich and productive hours were for her most precious habit. And when the sun was up and the day was begun, she’d get dressed and go off to work, already having done the most important stuff of her day. She taught me something about the value of ritual and the value of self.

What are your good habits?

Maybe you have a fantastic savings habit and you always, always put a percentage of your paycheck in savings and give 10% to charity.

Maybe you have a fantastic work habit and stay focused and busy and productive through most of your days.

Maybe you walk every morning or bike every afternoon or play with your children every night for an hour.

Maybe you take time to love your dog every time you feed him.

Maybe you say “I love you” every day to someone special.

Don’t ignore it. Don’t brush it off. Don’t sidestep it.

DO celebrate it.

Take a few moments today to list the habits that make your life sing. What are you doing perfectly? What would be awesome if only you added a scone and a cup of coffee?

Love yourself. It’s the little things. What habits do you love? And what habits love you?


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