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In Uncategorized on October 5, 2009 at 7:29 am

When I was growing up, we didn’t talk about money. We didn’t talk about salaries. We didn’t even really talk about allowances. Money was something to be used quietly, exchanged discreetly, and never ever discussed in polite company.

Or among friends.

Or among family.

Right. And now we have a country in economic struggle and lots and lots of people neck-deep in debt that’s not working for them, and we’re still not talking nuts and bolts. What are we thinking? Some of us, even now, are doing really well. Some of us are not. If we could put the judgments down, and stop wondering if the person has no self control or poor judgment or whatever and start just looking to each other for support and brainstorming and collaboration and help, we could go a long way.

Look at the microcredit groups in Asia and Africa. Groups of people (often women) are given small loans and part of the condition of the loan is that they meet regularly and hold each other accountable for paying it back. They also support each other in making that happen. That doesn’t mean that they pay each other’s loans, but it does mean that they help each other strategize and stay on track.

But that kind of thing requires a kind of openness about money that we in the US haven’t got.

That, I believe, is how we ended up in this healthcare mess, too, not talking about money and the cost and the stress and the hardship, and instead just acting like everything is okay.

Everything is not okay. Everything is not okay for an awful lot of people.

What if we told the truth? What if we didn’t have to be so isolated, so alone, so afraid, so ashamed? What if we went public? What power might we find? What change might we make?

National Coming Out Day is October 11. If you don’t think you’re closeted, think again.

  1. well said!

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