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email before breakfast

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2009 at 6:01 am

Christine Kane is right (although her site is undergoing an overhaul so I can’t link to the article)–if you want to kill your creativity, start your day with email. Or web surfing. Or pretty much anything else that involves stuff going into your head instead of stuff coming out. I don’t know what it is about early mornings, but they are prime thinking, moving, creating time.

If you’re a morning person like I am, that probably goes double. If you’re very much a night person, it’s possible that your best time is right before bed. Either way, the softness of the space between dreams and waking has something very special in it–a chance to nurture, a chance not to be barraged.

Worst things to do: check your work email. Watch the TV news. Check the internet news. OUCH! What a harsh wake-up. What a terrible bedtime story. If you hate being roused from a deep sleep by a beeping alarm, change it. Don’t rush. Let your day begin with a caress, whether you have a lover in your bed or not.

Unfortunately, sometimes our brains do it to us anyway. I often wake up with the to-do list already running laps in my head. What then?

Routine helps, or call it meditation, or spiritual practice. A series of things to do to begin the day can ground us back in the moment, away from the frenetic pace that the world tries to impose on us. It’s an act of resistance, an act of rebellion, an act of utter sensibility. We go to routine because our pattern-loving bodies and minds take a deep, unpanicked breath and relax into the moment. We can stop thinking and just be, be human-brushing-teeth or human-sitting-meditation or human-writing-journal.

This is the place where the human-being and the human-doing intersect. What is your space?


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