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making ends meet

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2009 at 6:33 am

Sometimes, it’s impossible. Often, it looks impossible. But life in Maine means almost all of us do something to tweak our budget, to make ends meet. For some families it’s raising food or living debt-free; for other families it’s a second or third job, a farm stand, a home business. For most families it’s legal, for some it’s not quite legal.

The trick is, we all just kind of make it happen somehow.

When you’re used to living on one or two salaries, full stop, patching together financial security can feel like a failure. But it’s not. What it is is fiscal responsibility. Extra work or fewer expenses or bartering is just another way of making money. And there’s as much financial security to being really in charge of the money you make as there is in relying on someone else to pay you–or maybe even more.

After all, if business is bad but you run your own, you can do something to change it. If an employer cuts your salary, what can you do? If you don’t have enough cash and you find something to sell (and someone to buy it) you’ve solved your problem…or you can just sit around and wait for the tide to turn and your ship to come in, which can only feel exhausting and depressing and disempowered.

Making ends meet means doing something. And if you can make ends meet, if you have all those options when times get tough, you also have those options when things are good–you can make prosperity, too.

What are your options?


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