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keep breathing

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 at 9:17 am

Breath is the foundation of life. Every creation story I’ve heard has some moment when the creator breathes life into the created, when inanimate crosses into independent flesh and blood, and it’s all about the breath. Even when we’re born, there’s that gasp, the instant when we each breathe for ourselves for the very first time, and the world is changed, because we are breathing in it, air in, carbon dioxide out.

And the trees do it in reverse, and the fish and the frogs and all the growing things…
and then something goes wrong, very wrong or slightly wrong, and our breathing changes.

It slows, it hitches, it stops.

And then everything comes to a halt.

You’ve got to keep breathing. If it’s money, keep breathing. Keep thinking. Stay loose, stay creative, sleep on it, go for a walk, call someone with a broader perspective. If it’s sex, keep breathing, stay present, communicate, communicate, communicate. If it’s grief, keep breathing, keep crying, keep writing and talking and keep moving, this too will pass and the sun rises again.

Keep breathing, keep living, keep going.

Where are you stuck?
Open up your chest
open up your heart


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