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In Uncategorized on December 13, 2009 at 3:14 pm

So I know I said I’d be talking about religion and politics, sex and money. But sometimes there’s something else. This is a something else. Mental health is another one of those things we don’t talk about. Depression, cutting, suicidality, eating disorders, schizophrenia, we don’t talk about that stuff. But we need to, because it’s illness, like cancer (which used to be impolite conversation) or a broken leg.

I should probably kick off with something of my own, but my inspiration for this is from someone else, so I’m going to send the traffic there. Real Live Preacher is one of the best liberal religious websites around. Gordon Atkinson is a liberal Baptist in Texas and his writing is incredible. His second book, Turtles All the way Down, is just coming out. Go buy it. Just do. But also, he writes for Christian Century online and High Calling, and for his own blog. And his High Calling essay about his daughter is…just incredible. So go there. Read it. And then sit back and wonder: what kinds of places could we create so everyone has a little piece of heaven where they are wanted, where they belong?

  1. In a certain way this is something I tackled with a grant. A long the lines of people, place and things (to do.) Changing an environment, static in communication with people, either opening the dialogue to evoke change or find a way to cope in which is doesn’t take so much energy, and some form of action to propel forward with. In the grant I took an approach to do group and family therapy, monthly meetings, and community get togethers every three months at specific locations; a park, an ice skating pond, a farm.

    Place is big. It’s all awfully complicated when compiled together, it’s a huge process that takes small motions, and big leaps, and ultimately takes a big dose of patience. Every process reaches a getting worse before it gets better. People sometimes avoid the worse part because it’s hard to imagine worse and they don’t want to .go. through worse, but they also avoid the better in that too.

    Heavenly place. Mmm. Not sure about that. Lofty goals won’t work, plain and simple finding a better place though could.

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