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against same-sex marriage

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…I’m not, mind. I think same-sex marriage has a lot to say for itself. This author is NOT against equal marriage–she seems to think that marriage should be equally unavailable. I think the civil-union-for-everyone option is a great fantasy and makes even more sense, but I don’t see that happening. How many mixed-gender couples do you know who would give up their marriage for a civil union? IMHO the only thing harder than getting the majority to grant rights to the minority is getting the majority to reduce their body of rights to match that of the minority. I mean, who wants to be demoted? It’s a nice fantasy, but if we’re going to get there I think we need equal marriage first. This author seems to go farther still: no marriage, no civil unions, equal rights for everyone regardless of whether they have significant others. I think being able to construct a family unit that is recognized by the state makes sense. She doesn’t.

However, articulate people with lots of smart and thoughtful about them are worth reading, even if I don’t agree with them. So here it is, the Harvard senior who did her thesis on marriage and rights and things:

the chicktionary:

Read. Discuss. Think a little further outside the box.

  1. That is one of the things that drives me up a wall. Allies of the LGBTQ communities who are SO against same sex marriage that they actively speak out against it. Sure, marriage is not a perfect institution.

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but there’s a scene where they head up to Northern California to attend a marriage rally thing. They are protesting same sex marriage, saying it’s a patriarchal institution, etc. What does the other side take from it, though? “SEE! Even your own kind knows you shouldn’t be allowed to get married.”

    THAT is what the other side hears. “There are even gay people who are against same sex marriage. They know it’s not right!”

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