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us and them: the mashup

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 at 8:22 pm

I don’t think I’ll be posting that pointed thing. It’s a little much for public viewing, one of those things that one writes so one can get on with what one actually needs to write. It might have been fun, but it might have offended a lot of people that, frankly, I haven’t got the energy to deal with, nor the will. It’s just not worth that much to me. Some days education is not worth the effort, or even half the effort. I’ll have that particular say out loud, in person, with people I trust to listen and think it over instead of stomping off in a huff and complaining to someone else–because we all know how productive that is. At any rate, this is a public space and I’ll treat it like one. So instead of the thing I won’t be posting, here’s a link to an article about imperfection and meeting the enemy that I can absolutely relate to; sometimes good enough has to be good enough, even if we can spot the flaws from a mile away without our glasses on. And for a bonus track, and some actual writing from me (yes, I know it’s mostly been links of late–life has gotten really interesting lately but should calm down in a bit) here’s my latest article for, about how we develop our own brand.


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