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nerve endings (for heather)

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 at 5:43 pm

we’re swimming in sensation
air on our skin
breath in our lungs
moss and pavement and socks and sand underfoot
and we,
caught in the middle,
held in place by gravity,
and sheer determination,
and it’s a party in our brains
all the seeing smelling touching tasting hearing gets together
and builds a picture of the world we live in
the world that kills us and pleasures us,
every kiss,
every morsel of chocolate,
every blow to the psyche,
every fist to the gut,
every crushing of spirit,
every inch of summer in fresh-cut grass and hot tar,
every long day of winter,
icicles and numb fingertips,
and what makes it sexy
or unendurably hard
is what we think of it,
what we imagine,
what world we place it in.
People do the impossible every day
for people that they love,
and people get turned on every day,
by things they never noticed before
(that perfume that your girlfriend
wore the first day of spring with the dress that
brushed her calves like summer)
(the curve of his hip that matches
the curve of his smile)
(the taste of skin and sweat and motor oil)
it’s about the story
it’s about the context
it’s about the world
and the place where our bodies meet the world
where we become the world
and the world
becomes us.


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