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unclaimed Sunday

In Uncategorized on May 16, 2010 at 10:16 am

Today is my own.

Until very recently, that was not the case. Until very recently, I had work that spoke for my Sundays, and even when I was not at work I was mindful that that was probably where my attention should be. Until very recently, this was normal, because church had been my place of spiritual rest and retreat, of grace and fulfillment (and not necessarily of community) for most of my adult life. And before that it had been my place of community (and spirit-work) as a tween and teen.

But by hook and by crook I have come to a crossroads where it is neither my place of work nor my place of renewal.

Another minister of my distant acquaintance recently resigned his pulpit. Shortly thereafter he said, “Weekends are fun for normal people. Who knew?”

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my parish work. But after four years plus two of fieldwork, I was about due for a sabbatical–a time of rest, study, renewal; a time to reorder my head, reevaluate my priorities, pick up some of the things left to langush. This is not how I would have planned it, but that is often the case.

So, by hook and by crook, here I am, on a Sunday, in jeans and sneakers. My task list: exercise the dog. Wash a few dishes. Water the garden. Pay homage to this green earth. Pray without ceasing.

Call a friend. Smell the trees. Stand in the sun.



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