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spoken relations

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2010 at 11:02 am

We writers
are all cousins,
Shakespeare and Ayn Rand and Def Leppard’s lyricist
beating out the same rhythms over ages
the same language hammered into the same dips and strides of hips
lungs and sinews calling
for one
for one
singing of hope and justice and hearts cracked open
spilling everything they can imagine
over rocks tumbling
long and low down mountains
thousands of years old
ancient cities’ ductwork
absorbing all that we have to offer before
offering it up
to you and you
through my mouth and
Mary Anne’s
and Barbara Kingsolver nodding wisely in the wings,
having laid down the cobblestones for our feet;
walk on through
come on through
come on in and out and again
come through
come through for us
use your voice
you, too, are a cousin,
say it now
say it loud
your voice among many
your voice alone
say it.
Silence is no virtue.
Wings tied cannot soar.

I love poems, and I think most of them are best experienced out loud; I believe spoken word is the resurrection of writing. I just happened across Marty McConnell, whose work inspired me to write what you just read. Go check her out:


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